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Judges play an important role in the success of Colorado’s Marketing Education Students and the success of the Colorado State Career Development Conference, district conferences, and fall conferences! Register to become a judge and to provide us with information about you that will help us make your experience as a DECA event judge pleasant, fun, and rewarding for you and the young members of Colorado DECA.

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Please list any specific events that you want to judge this year. For reference, see the complete list of events, including event acronyms.

Would you like to judge at the Colorado DECA Conference?

  • February 25, 2018 = Written Event (Manual) Reading and Preliminary round,
    February 26, 2018 = Written Event Finals, Individual and Team Preliminary round
  • . February 27, 2018 = Individual and Team Finals

Contact Chuck Blood, email chuckblood@gmail.com, with any questions on becoming a judge; or get in touch with Colorado DECA:

Everett Vaughan, email everett.vaughan@cccs.edu, or

Linda Bigley, email linda.bigley@cccs.edu.